Hi all,

I am trying to use the MathType Word SDK to convert Word equations to MathType equations and am running into an error. I implement a variable of type ConvertEquationsInfo and assign all of the 'sub' variables in it and then pass this to the ConvertEquations sub as it asks for (see documentation for this). When I do this it raises the error "Variable required - Can't assign to this expression" and I'm unsure why?

MathType SDK Documentation including ConvertEquationsInfo type definition.

Sub MathTypeConversion(Optional ByVal control As IRibbonControl)
    Dim info2 As ConvertEquationsInfo
    info2.equationTypes = mt_CVT_FIND_WORDEQ
    info2.promptUser = False
    info2.showStats = False
    info2.selectionOnly = True
    info2.translatorFileName = ""
    info2.translatorOptions = mt_CVT_TRAN_MTEF
    info2.count = 1
    ConvertEquations (info2)
End Sub
Any help would be appreciated as I am relatively new to VBA. Please if I have missed key information let me know and I can supply any required for clarification.