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Thread: Criteria based lookup

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    Criteria based lookup


    looking for a suitable lookup formula for the below problem
    I have ten sites and around twenty five brands. Five commitment numbers , having certain percentage of charges , I need to allocate that percentage across different site and brand combination based on the commitment numbers.

    I am attaching the excel work sheet along with the expected solution. Expected Solution [ I need a formula in cell E164 to I73] which will pick up charges based on commitment no / brand and site number. I will have 25 tables similar to this in which only the brand numbers will change , based in which the charges also should change

    Thanking in advance
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    Could this be done with pivot tables instead?
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    Commitment Brand: 234, has No Commitment: abc415
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    let me check and revert back Mr. Arnlegp, it seems like this is something which i was looking for , Thank you

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