Hi Everyone,

I am challenged at the moment with a macro in which I populate a PowerPoint slide deck from Excel data. The problem is that some of the data in Excel is formatted: Entries are entered with vertical alignment

For example in Cell(B5) the entry would be:

1. The first sentence for the entry
2. The second sentence for the entry
3. The third sentence for the entry
4. The fourth sentence for the entry
5. The fifth sentence for the entry
6. The sixth sentence for the entry

The problem is when cells like the above are populated using the

table.Rows(5).Cells(1).Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text = Cells(5,2).Value

The text expands the table row and several of these entries would cause the the info to overflow the slide.

Is there a way to input a cell like B5 in a horizontal format AND limit the number of characters so that the row does not expand and does not cause the awful overflow?

I appreciate your help on this. I have to generate a slide deck for 50 products and it would be a pain to manually adjust each slide.

Thank you.