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Thread: Zahlen-Formatierungen kombinieren

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    Oct 2022

    Zahlen-Formatierungen kombinieren


    I try to format 7 to 9-digit article numbers uniformly, e.g. 20 154 184 5 or 00 845 157 4.

    In column D I have the original data, which consists of 7 to 9-digit sequence of numbers that Excel recognises as text.

    Now I tried to convert this text into a number in column E with the formula =VALUE(D2) and then generate the uniform classification with user-defined formatting ## #### ###. This also works with 9-digit article numbers, with the 7-digit ones just 2 digits are missing.

    So next attempt with =REPEAT("0";9-LENGTH(D2))&D2 .... Now he fills up all article numbers in 9 digits, partly with 2 preceding 0. But he does not recognise the result as a number and thus the user-defined formatting does not work.

    So I need a combination of both, gladly also with VBA programming.

    Does anyone have an idea?

    Thank you very much for your help
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