I've attached two spreadsheets: Recon and Assets082022. I need some assistants in finishing a macro that moves a month's column of data from the Assets workbook to its corresponding location in the Recon workbook. I'll do my best to explain, but there's quite a few moving parts to this.

Using August as an example month, I'm looking to take the August 2022 column of data from each tab in the Assets workbook (K5:K35), and paste it to its corresponding tab in the Recon workbook. Unfortunately the tab names aren't the same between the two workbooks, but there's a key at the top of the Data_1 tab in the Recon spreadsheet (in green). Column A displays the names of the tabs in the Recon workbook (A2:A22), and it's corresponding name on the Assets workbook is in columns K and L (K2:L22).

Each tab in the Recon spreadsheet has two tables in it. One marked Class A (row 7) and the other is Class C (row 205). Taking the first tab in the Assets workbook (CVYD Intl Small Cap Growth A), the data in the August 2022 column needs to be pasted in the International Small Cap Growth tab in the Recon workbook. Since this data is Class A it needs to be pasted in the range F41:F71 (in green), so it lines up to the dates in column A. Then moving on to the second tab in Assets spreadsheet (CVYD Intl Small Cap Growth C), since this is Class C it will go in the range F239:F269. And so on, and so on with the other tabs.

There's a few points of reference on the Data_1 tab (Recon workbook) that will be helpful to make this work. Since we're dealing with August, the number "8" is placed in cell B30. This will update cell B32 and B33 giving you exactly which Row the data needs to be pasted in for Class A and C for each tab in the Recon spreadsheet. Also, the last day of that month is configured in cell D30 (8/31/2022). Which is how the August 2022 column heading appears in the formula bar in the Assets workbook.

The Assets macro is in ThisWorkbook in the Recon VBA screen. Then next month, the same will be to be done for September, and so on.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks so much for looking.

Assets 082022.xlsx