Hello and thanks for your help in advance.

I am working on time-cost optimization for a project and would like to automate process of creating baseline with actual project duration and then reduce activity duration to minimum. For each activity there are 5 alternative durations with associated costs for each mode of activit execution. So I would need a VBA program to set activity duration to maximal value of these five alternatives (Duration1, Duration2, Duration3, Duration4 and Duration5) and then save this scenario as a project baseline. Afterwards it should set activity duration as minimal value of activity duration from five alternatives. I am attaching example file, so if anyone has any idea i would be gratefull. The file can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/s/ja0kgb9o8u...ample.mpp?dl=0 (forum does not allow me to upload this attachment for some reason).

Thank you in advance and have a graeat day.