Hi all,

I wondered if anyone could help as I have been given a a big task but never used macro's in PowerPoint before and wondered if it was possible to create a macro that would to HUGELY speed up my work as I think this may become an ongoing thing.

I need to create over 300 separate PPT files which will all be based on one template. The background template will always stay the same but I have text in 3 places and an image that needs to change for each file. The image and text will always be in the same place on the page and will always be the same size and font.

I currently have the text saved in columns a, b and c in an excel doc and I presume I would need to save the picture address in windows explorer in column d to somehow make this work.

Once I have checked they are all correct I would then eventually need to export these as JPEGs.

Thanks for any help.