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Thread: Printing from selection lis

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    Nov 2022

    Printing from selection lis

    Hi, The idea : I want to use a userform (MS access) where all the welders' names are listed with a selection box(checkboxes), by selecting a person, all the welder's certificates would then appear in the selection list next to it.
    Here I would then choose which certificate to print.
    The welding certificates are on the network per person in a pdf format. In the selection list, I would like to be able to see only the file name example : WPQ2522-ASME-FM5-141.pdf.
    I am a newbie in vba, so we can provide me with a code please, or get me started.
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    the listbox should have 2 columns (having the Fullpath, hidden).
    Control Source of your listbox:

    select [wpqField], Mid([wpqField], InstrRev([wpqField], "\") + 1) As FileName From yourTable

    Other properties (in design view)
    Column Count: 2
    Column Widths: 0; 1"
    Bound Column: 1

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