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Thread: Convert Word document comments to Markdown-formatted links

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    Convert Word document comments to Markdown-formatted links

    Hi all. I run an editorial website that uses the Markdown formatting language within the CMS. For example, [this is a hyperlink](https://link.url). We get perhaps half of the articles we publish as Word documents, and links come in a range of formats -- classic hyperlinks, but also footnotes, endnotes, and comments. I have written macros that very capably convert the first three cases to Markdown-formatted links within the text, but am having trouble with converting comments that contain URLs to Markdown links.

    Below is a mix of code and pseudocode to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

    ' switch links comments to text if there's an http within
    For Each oComment In ActiveDocument.Comments
         If InStr(oComment.Range.Text, cHttp) > 1 Or Left(oComment.Range.Text, 4) = cHttp Then 
             {select the text that was commented; we should be in the document text itself, not the comments}
             Selection.TypeText "[" & Selection.Text & "](" & oComment.Range.Text & ")"
         End If
    Aspects of the above work, but I run into problems with selecting the actual text, not the comment. For example, "oComment.Range.Select" will highlight where the comment is in the document, but doesn't actually move the cursor. If I use "ActiveWindow.ActivePane.Close" to close the comments pane, the cursor still remains wherever it was in the document.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have. I'm sure that I'm just missing a single line or two of code. Endless Internet searches haven't revealed much, so here I am. Fingers crossed...
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