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    Automatically Update Header Content

    Hi Guys,
    haven't needed help in a while. I do today and [SOLVED] Select text and move to a header - how to do that in VBA ( almost has what I need. I apologize if I was not supposed to post as an add-on but as a new request.

    Issue: I have a hard coded date in my Word document. I want to update that date manually but as soon as I do, I want the new date to be added to my document header.

    Thanks ahead ...
    Kind regards,
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    Your request really has nothing to do with what was discussed in the other thread, from which I've split your post.

    All you need to do is apply a unique Style name to the range spanned by the date in the document body and use a STYLERREF field referencing that Style in the page header. No VBA code required.
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    For an example of using a StyleRef Field to do this, look at my Basic Letterhead Template. Insert a page break and look at the second-page header.
    Type a different date on the first page. It will change in the continuation-page header.

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