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Thread: VBA code to search on folder and sub folder for file named in worksheet

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    Exclamation VBA code to search on folder and sub folder for file named in worksheet

    Dear VBA express Members,
    I have and excel file includes records which in column H as range H1 = 360001 H2 = 360002 H3 = 360003 ETC
    I asked my clients to save a document in shared folder names with what mentioned above, as a copy of invoice for 360001 named 360001 and the same with the rest
    all what i need to make the VBA give me a file path if it found the invoice in the folder.
    the result should be shown in column I as a path and if i clicked it opens the invoice copy.
    invoices come with extension PDF or tif
    N.B the data numbers of invoices are variable which change every day so i need to check that i have a copy for each invoice and can review it.
    many thanks.ISSUE.jpg

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    See Help on VBA Dir and Excel & VBA Hyperlink
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    you can create a Sub to check if the same invoice exists on the Shared folder
    and create a Hyperlink on your worksheet if it does.
    Private Sub t()
        'put the shared path here. dont forget to add the "backslash"
        Const THE_SHARED_PATH As String = "\\PC_NAME\SHARE_FOLDER\"
        Dim lngLastRow As Long, strFile As String, i As Long
        With Worksheets(1)
            lngLastRow = .Cells(1, 8).End(xlDown)
            If lngLastRow > 1 Then
                For i = 2 To lngLastRow
                    strFile = Dir$(THE_SHARED_PATH & .Range("H" & i) & ".*")
                    If Len(strFile) <> 0 Then
                        .Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=.Range("I" & i), _
                        Address:=THE_SHARE_PATH & strFile, _
                        ScreenTip:="Invoice number " & .Range("H" & i), _
                    End If
            End If
        End With
    End Sub

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    many thanks for your help,
    now i can't add the file name, so i changed it to be on my own PC as "D:\loma New"
    kindly if we can have quick meeting to show you what I'm facing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmed emad View Post
    kindly if we can have quick meeting to show you what I'm facing.
    Attach a sample file to your post so we can see what you are facing.
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    Many thanks for your efforts and time.The code worked as forgot to add the last backslash. I noticed that the code takes a long time to get the result, but it gets the results, much appreciated.

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