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Thread: Searching for VBA Code

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    Searching for VBA Code


    I have rather a lot of VBA spread across probably hundreds of Excel, Access and Word documents.

    Is there any way of searching for VBA code within office files? It would be nice to catalog what I have got but being able to find function and sub names would be a good start.

    You cannot search the file contents so was wondering whether there are any applications out there designed for this or maybe another way to search?


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    Jul 2008
    Searching the VBA code (which is not especially difficult) would require programmatic access to the VBA code in the Office files concerned. Doing that would in turn require giving trusted access to the VBA environment, which is a significant security risk.

    Although the code in the following link doesn't actually extract VBA code, it should give you a reasonable idea of what's involved:
    Use VB script to paste code into a module? (
    The code to Copy A VBA Module From One Document To Another would be most relevant to your project.
    Paul Edstein
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    You might have to join to see these:

    IMO, the last entry is most helpful.Although one of the earlier entries has 200 Procedures designed for your use.

    You're looking at thousand(s) of Procedures when done. How do you intend to organize the list? I suggest by Application, then Full Address, File Name, Module Name, (ThisWorkbook" and Worksheets are Excel Modules,) Procedure Name, Parameters List ,Author, Comments.

    I would start this search with a list of all Root Directories that need to be searched, then search each in Application order for relevant File extensions.
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