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Thread: Change active page of Vision object in Excel

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    Change active page of Vision object in Excel

    I have an Excel document in which I inserted Visio object. It has a few pages, each page has a specific model and according to some checkboxes in excel I want to choose a specific page, so when I print the excel, it will have specific model from visio. All this should do via VBA code that will be trigered by checkmark. The Vision object is embeded in excel, I dont want to link an external document. So far I managed to activate the visio object, with this code:
    Set visioObj = Worksheets("Document").OLEObjects("objekt 4")
    But I can't figure out, how to change the active page.
    Do you have any idea how to do that?
    Thank you.
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    Found the solution, needed to use:
    visioObj.Object.Application.ActiveWindow.Page = vsPage

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    Thank you for posting the solution
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