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Thread: Mac VBA open an image

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    Question Mac VBA open an image


    I'm a beginner in VBA, I dabbled with VBA on Windows before but only basic copy/paste/save, moving data around the sheet stuff, so bear with me please

    I'd like to open a .png image with Preview (my default image viewer) using VBA.
    Let's say for simplicity's sake that the ImgPath = "/Users/nicolascrab/Documents/IMG.png"

    I haven't found any straightforward solutions on Google as everyone is talking about how to open another workbook or a file. Can anyone help me or point me to the right direction on how to solve this? Thanks!

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    Alright, so after a bit of trial and error I found a solution and I thought I'd post it here in case anyone finds this thread later on.

    1) Set up an AppleScript file in your "/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Scripts/" folder and name it "openImgScript.scpt"

    To do this, you need to open the Script Editor and create a script with the following code:
    on openFileWithPath(myParamString)
        set fullPath to myParamString
        do shell script "open " & quoted form of fullPath
    end openFileWithPath
    This file opens an image if you pass the file's path to it.
    Save it to /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Scripts/
    Note that "Library" is a hidden folder so it's a bit tricky to access it.

    2) Once you placed the script to the proper location, now we gotta call this script from VBA using the following VBA code:
    Sub openImgMac()
            'Declare path and mac script variables
            Dim myPath As String
            Dim myScriptResult As String
            myPath = "/Users/username/Documents/image.png"
            'open the img
            myScriptResult = AppleScriptTask("openImgScript.scpt", "OpenFileWithPath", myPath)
    End Sub
    3) This VBA calls the script and passes your img path as a parameter.

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    Thank you for posting the solution
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