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Thread: How do I "click" a Command Button in PowerPoint edit mode?

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    How do I "click" a Command Button in PowerPoint edit mode?

    Simple, but dumb question. I have a PowerPoint presentation that requires a lot of edits depending on service level. I created a Form window, and have all of the code in place to make the edits quickly but I am stumped on how to show the form to the creator-

    I put a CommandButton on the 1st page of the presentation, and it has the following OnClick code but when it's clicked, it only selects the button (edit mode). How can I make it to where the user can click the button while PowerPoint is in edit mode, or another way to show the form?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    End Sub


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    If you crosspost please mention this - it avoids people working on problems solved elsewhere!

    There is no simple way to make buttons clickable in Edit Mode. If you know how to create a class module with an event trap then you can but i guess you don't know how to do that.

    One possibility is to create a Ribbon tab / Button with XML. This will run a vba macro to open your form. There is a learning curve but not as steep as writing class modules!

    Test out the attached file to see how it works. NOTE Macros may be disabled - save as and reload the file making sure macros are enabled.

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    If you just want the setup macro to run when the pptm is opend, I think that the onLoad CustomUI will work
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