I have a VBA script working in Powerpoint which I'd like to convert to something similar in Google slides with Google Apps script.
I'm aware of a VBA to Apps script converter by Google but it specifically excludes anything that is not an excel file so does not fit my use case.
Do you know of any resources such as books/tutorials/online courses or applications that I can use to do this?
Do you know of anyone who might advise on this or consider taking it on for a small fee?

In case it's relevant to your consideration, here is an overview of what my VBA code does in powerpoint.
  1. It's a quiz that allows users entering the correct answer on a slide to click on a selection of coloured shapes and have a corresponding shape on the master slide change to the selected colour, text and a label line for the shape then also appear on the master slide.
  2. On the first slide the user enters their name and this is used as part of the file name for a pdf generated when they click on the print icon at the end. There is aslo a start button to reset the images and labels on the master ready to be blank.
  3. The master slide has a button that accepts a password and then shows the answer for that slide. There is also another button that is not password protected which hides the answer. The start button on the first slide also runs the code to hide answers.