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Thread: Word 16 on macOS 12.6 (M1 chip) cannot find template

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    Jan 2006

    Word 16 on macOS 12.6 (M1 chip) cannot find template

    Hi all,

    I have several macros that I used, via shortcut keys defined in AutoExec of Normal, to open a new document based on a custom template I have saved in
    the same folder as AutoExec.

    These macros have worked fine on Office X, Office 2004 and 2011 (both PPC and intel-based Macs).
    On a new laptop with an M1 chip I get Error #4198 cannot find the requested file or folder.

    I have all the macros and the templates installed in the default location for Word 16:

    Macintosh HD:Users:" & TheUser & ":Library:Group Containers:UBF8T346G9.Office:User Content:Templates:ERI Templates:
    where TheUser is the specific User on the laptop using Word.

    The code snippet is:

       TmpPath = "Macintosh HD:Users:" & TheUser & ":Library:Group Containers:UBF8T346G9.Office:User Content:Templates:ERI Templates:"
       TmpName = "VM_Notes.dotm"
       Application.ScreenUpdating = False
       Documents.Add Template:=TmpPath & TmpName, DocumentType:=wdNewBlankDocument, Visible:=True
    The Documents.Add method is the command that is failing.

    The permissions on the template, and the enclosing folders is correct, the User has read/write and execute privileges.

    Any idea what I need to do to get Word 16 to execute the Documents.Add method from a Macro?
    I can create a new document based on the same template via the Gallery, by hand.



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    Jan 2006

    The problem was the path delimiter and the root disc name.

    Replacing : with forward slash (/) resolved the problem.

    The corrected code snippet is:
       TmpPath = "/Users/" & TheUser & "/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/User Content.localized/Templates.localized/ERI Templates/"
       TmpName = ""
    Also the explicit naming of the disc the template is located on is also dropped. Replacing "Macintosh HD" with "/" was also needed.

    I haven't seen this change documented at any of the VB MS sites.

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    Thank you for putting your solution up.
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