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Thread: After exiting dropdown word doesn't go through "On-Exit" sub

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    May 2023

    After exiting dropdown word doesn't go through "On-Exit" sub

    I have a dropdown list that says Yes and No. Theres also a macro linked to it "On-Exit" which is :

    Sub Exit_DD_33()
    'ASZ 04/2023
    If ActiveDocument.FormFields("DD33").Result = "NON" Then Delete_Dropdown33
    End Sub
    Sub Delete_Dropdown33()
    'ASZ 04/2023
        ActiveDocument.Range(Start:=ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("StartDD33").Range.Start, End:=ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("EndDD33").Range.End).Select
    End Sub

    For some reason it works for all the previous deletes but for this one it doesn't. Even tho it works when you go step by step. When just using tab after you chose No nothing happens.
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