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Thread: Powerpoint Combobox to calculatable table - can this be done?

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    Jul 2023

    Powerpoint Combobox to calculatable table - can this be done?

    Hi, just joined and I'm hoping you can help.

    I have a spreadsheet that has 10 questions - each of which is to be scored 1-4 based on the respondant's choice. This then feeds in to table which calculates the totals and then plot as chart across 4 axis.

    I work as a trainer and Im trying to make this an interactive document (our delegates dont have full system access at this stage so we want to use Powerpoint.

    I have set up 10 slides each with 4 combo-boxes which score each statement 1-4. Is there a way that these values can be entered in to a table (preferably embedded rather than an external one) so the totals can be plotted?

    I'm sure this is a pretty straightforward thing to do, my experience is in Excel but i cant seem to find anything on Google or Youtube to assist.

    Any help would be GREATFULLY appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Oct 2023
    it is possible to enter the values from the combo boxes in PowerPoint into an embedded table and then calculate totals and plot charts based on those values. Here's a general approach you can follow:

    Create an Embedded Table: Insert a table directly onto your PowerPoint slide. Right-click on the slide, choose "Table," and define the number of rows and columns you need to accommodate your data. Alternatively, you can copy a table from Excel and paste it as an embedded table in PowerPoint.

    Link Combo Boxes to Table: Right-click on each combo box and select "Format Control." Under the "Control" tab, specify the cell link where you want the selected value to be stored. Link each combo box to a separate cell in the embedded table.

    Calculate Totals: In the table, add formulas to calculate totals for each row or column, depending on your desired calculation. You can use formulas like SUM, AVERAGE, or COUNT to derive the totals based on the linked cells from the combo boxes.

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