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Thread: Performance issues looping through collection

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    Performance issues looping through collection

    I have some code in which I run against a Word compare (redlines created by Word's Compare/Combine function) document. Some of the redlines Word makes aren't true redlines and I'd like to Reject these redlines to clean-up the document. I've setup a For Each loop to go through the Revisions collection looking for pairs of Insert/Delete. The script takes less than 30 seconds when I have this simple loop below:

    Set xRevisions = worddoc.Revisions
    For Each xRev in xRevisions
    When I add the following 'if' statement inside the loop to compare the current Revision with the next Revision, the script takes 30 minutes to run:
    If xRevisions.Item(xRev.Index).Range.Fields.Count <> 0 or xRevisions.Item(xRev.Index + 1).Range.Fields.Count <> 0 Then
      x = x
    End If
    Is there a faster way to handle this? Seems like a huge difference.


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    Instead of directly using the `Range.Fields.Count` method within the loop, you can store the field count values in variables before the loop begins. This way, you avoid repeated method calls for each iteration. fnf
    Set xRevisions = worddoc.RevisionsFor Each xRev in xRevisions
      currentFieldCount = xRevisions.Item(xRev.Index).Range.Fields.Count
      nextFieldCount = xRevisions.Item(xRev.Index + 1).Range.Fields.Count
      If currentFieldCount <> 0 Or nextFieldCount <> 0 Then
        ' Your logic here
      End If

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