Hi all,

I have numerous Word documents made in various versions of Office on the Mac over the years. On prior versions of Word (< 16), triple-clicking on the entry
in the numbered heading document, then pressing Command-C would copy the entire entry into the clipboard, including all sub-headings, text and
any embedded images.

Then a Command-V would paste the entire contents of the clipboard into the selected location in the target document.

Now, the same sequence doesn't work. Upon triple-clicking, all that ends up in the Clipboard is the first top-level heading.

I did find that Clicking in Word first View/Revel Formatting, then putting the little icon over the "+" of the heading entry I want to copy, pressing Command-C
results in the entire heading, and all sub-headings, getting copied to the Clipboard.

However, I have yet to find the VB command that underlies Revel Formatting, in order to make a macro to do the same sequence.
I tried Record Macro, but nothing useful resulted.

What VB command is equivalent to RevealFormatting?

I see in ActiveDocument:

 PCount = ActiveDocument.ListParagraphs.Count
yields the expected no. of nested paragraphs in the ActiveDocument.

However, I don't see a way to determine which specific ListParagraphs item in the ActiveDocument, via Index, would be the one to "Expand" or copy
to the Clipboard.

I thought something like the following would work:

PSelected = ActiveDocument.ListParagraph.SelectedItem
PIndex     = PSelected.Index

would get the entire contents into the Clipboard.

I see that ListParagraph doesn't have a property SelectedItem, hence the issue.

Any ideas about how to solve the problem ?