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    Oct 2023
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    Hi, hello vbaexpress!
    I got into computers a bit late in life a few years back to speed up a personal project, after living as a Technology hermit in the Bavarian Hills for 30 years, after a short but quite successful career in England as a physicist working in Microwave Engineering.
    I started with Office and Excel after the guy who sold me my first pc gave me a quick crash course rather than giving me my money back for the Office DVD disc he also sold me, which I found gave no music out when I put it in a CD player.
    I wasted a lot of time with spreadsheets full of formulas before discovering the much greater hidden potential in VBA.
    In the meantime I got quite competent in a few very small parts of the vast area that VBA encompasses. (Just now I am considering something slightly less amateur in it all, such as a Tutorial YouTube channel maybe coupled to my own forum. But that is just one of a few new life adventures I am considering currently. I might need to be a second Winston Churchill and sort the Fatherland out again, as they are getting a bit messed up and out of whack with reality)
    I am not sure how I missed this place, vbaexpress. VBA is my main area of interest in things Microsoft and Excel, and I like this version of the vBulletin forum software, 4.2.5.
    Oh well, better late than never!
    I might be able to make the odd useful contribution.
    I prefer things Microsoft generally from about 10-20 years ago. It seems that newer stuff gives me at least as many problems as any advancements.
    I recognise a few of the names here, form some other Excel and Office forums.

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