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Thread: VBA code to Change file name before saving

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    VBA code to Change file name before saving

    Hello, I am new to this forum and to VBA. I would appreciate if you could write a code to change file name before saving? The file name has to be in format of "Entity number_month_year"

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    Moderator VBAX Wizard Aussiebear's Avatar
    Dec 2005
    Since you are saving only one file, why not use the tools that Excel has kindly already provided?
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    As an add-on to what Assuiebear asked.

    Where would these pieces of information be coming from?
    When would this rename have to occur?
    Would adding a button for the user to click, instead of the regular Excel save button, work?

    Much more information is needed to try to assist you.

    Here is some information that should help you understand what you're asking for:
    Excel Add VBA Button - Automate Excel
    Get Cell Value in Excel VBA (Step by Step Examples) (
    VBA Save As | How to use Save As Method in VBA Excel? (

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