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    Nov 2023

    Excel Macro

    I'm working on a project in Excel where I need to automate the formatting and summarization of sales data using a macro. The data includes columns for Date, Product, Quantity, and Amount. Could someone guide me on how to create a macro that accomplishes the following tasks:

    1. Format the Date column in the "dd-mmm-yyyy" format.
    2. Calculate the total sales amount for each product and display the result in a new summary table.
    3. Highlight products with sales amounts above a certain threshold (e.g., $500) in the summary table.
    4. Generate a report with formatted dates, total sales, and highlighted products in a new worksheet.

    I would appreciate any insights, tips, or sample code that could help me achieve this automation.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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    Welcome to VBAX faddak. For such a request we need to know about your current system of data, its layout and where you would like the new processes to place the data. To assist us could you please supply a sample workbook with some dummy data as you would currently expect the data to be found and a new sheet with an example of how you would like the data to be?

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    A pivot table might do all of that


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