I知 on probably 12 hours of trying to get this to work. Fingers crossed no one asks me to post what i have tried because i have tried and typed over a million times.

I have a custom xml ribbon with four toggleButtons, when I click a toggleButton, it opens a form (in Access), I would like that button to stay highlighted. Then, when i click on another toggleButton, I want to highlight that one, and un-highlight all others. Is that possible?

I have tried all scenarios of OnAction and getPressed and trying to invalidate the ribbon and i tried invalidating the control, and returnedVal, etc. I guess I知 not doing it in the correct order because they either all stay highlighted or none at all.

I guess I知 not understanding the difference between OnAction (ie open the page i want) and getPressed (is that just capturing the state of the button on click)? I then come down to why would i even need getPressed? In theory, I want OnAction - turn the state of my current control to pressed = true, and all others False.

I just cannot for the life of me figure out how. Please help!