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    Failure to install

    An old customer called me last night. He replaced his network with new equipment. It's just an 8 station network and he runs a package of mine on each of them. They share a database. When he installed my package on the new workstations, 7 came over no problem. All are using Office 365 or whatever it's currently called. The 8th appears to strip the Visual Basic from the program upon opening. I'm not sure if that's exactly what's happening, but the program will not execute. Could it be a sharing issue? I downloaded a pristine version of the program and it immediately crashed.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

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    Try going to there is a user there that helps out and has expert level knowledge "nrgins". When you make a post there include u/nrgins in your post and they'll be notified. If anyone can give you some good pointers, they will be able to.

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    1. after copying your db, right-click on it to show the property window.
    and Unblock it (if ublock is available).
    2. make sure that the db is placed on Trusted Location.
    3. lastly you can also try DEP.
    right-click "This PC" icon on your desktop->Advance system settings
    Advance tab->Performance->settings...
    Data Execution Prevention tab..
    Add MSAccess.exe
    Solved - Access 2003 database under Windows Serwer 2019 - form open restarts application | Access World Forums (

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    It was a trust problem. When I was able to access the new workstation I saw the trust center didn't include the local configuration.

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