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Thread: Can one remotely delete a locking file?

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    Can one remotely delete a locking file?

    I have a customer a couple hundred miles away with about 10 users. Their database has corrupted. I need to reorganize it. And can do that by using a copy of the database. But I need to restore the copy of the database to the original location. There is a locking file preventing that. My customer claims there is no one currently signed on to the database. But the locking file remains.

    Is there a way to delete the locking file? I'm SOL until I can get through this block.

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    Have they tried to delete it?
    Is there a access running in task manager?

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    i don't think the locking file of ms access is a problem.
    you can copy the db (overwrite) with or without the locking file present.
    when you open the new db, the lock file will be overwritten.
    and when you normally close the db it will be erased.

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    Unfortunately, remotely deleting a locking file isn't feasible. You'll likely need physical access or remote desktop capabilities to resolve this issue efficiently.

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