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Thread: Simulating a function 1000 times for a given integer (easy)

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    Apr 2024

    Simulating a function 1000 times for a given integer (easy)

    I have written a code that makes the table almost, the only problem with it is that whenever there is a margin call or margin release, the deposit doesn't change by the value of the margin call/release (margin call needs to be added to the deposit, margin release needs to be taken away).

    I can't move forward;

    I need to simulate 1000 times the profit rate for every liquidity buffer (0%-100%) and make the liquidity profit rate table
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    add Volatile property to your function so it will recalculate, everytime you change anything:

    Function egesz(S0, alfa, szigma, N, yf, DB, IMR, MMR)
        ...   ' rest of code

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