Hi everyone,

I intend this thread to be a general discussion on the topic of variable declaration.

I知 interested in hearing your personal opinions on whether or not to declare variables. Please share your experiences and provide arguments for and against variable declaration, along with examples if possible.

I知 not looking for a definitive answer on whether we should declare variables, as I understand this is largely a matter of personal style. Instead, I hope this discussion will offer insights that help others decide whether variable declaration aligns with their coding style.

Personally, I believe in declaring variables, and here are a few reasons why. I may post some examples later in the thread:

  • Memory Management: By specifying the data type, VBA allocates the right amount of memory for the variable.
  • Code Readability: Well named variables make your code easier to understand.
  • Error Checking: Declaring variables helps catch errors where a variable might be used incorrectly.
  • Optimization: The VBA compiler can optimize the code better if it knows the data types in advance.

REMEMBER, this is a discussion and not an argument so play nice.

Have a nice day...