I'm working on editing a high number of PPT presentations submitted by multiple people from different places around the world. Just correcting the grammar and spelling would be a pain, but most submitters also seem to have one infuriating thing in common: adding unnecessary capitalization to random words in the middle of a sentence (a little Bit like This, which is Really irritating to Correct, because I then Need to Manually Select that one initial Letter and retype it).

Could a kind soul please make a VBA which would convert all words in a slide starting with an uppercase letter to lowercase, except for words at the beginning of a sentence (and the word "I")? If there could additionally be a list of exceptions (i.e. words where the initial letter needs to remain capitalised) which I could complete manually in the VBA, that would be great, but just converting everything except the first word in a sentence to lowercase would be a time- and sanity-saver.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.