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Thread: VBA to remove random capitalizations

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    VBA to remove random capitalizations


    I'm working on editing a high number of PPT presentations submitted by multiple people from different places around the world. Just correcting the grammar and spelling would be a pain, but most submitters also seem to have one infuriating thing in common: adding unnecessary capitalization to random words in the middle of a sentence (a little Bit like This, which is Really irritating to Correct, because I then Need to Manually Select that one initial Letter and retype it).

    Could a kind soul please make a VBA which would convert all words in a slide starting with an uppercase letter to lowercase, except for words at the beginning of a sentence (and the word "I")? If there could additionally be a list of exceptions (i.e. words where the initial letter needs to remain capitalised) which I could complete manually in the VBA, that would be great, but just converting everything except the first word in a sentence to lowercase would be a time- and sanity-saver.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.


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    Welcome to VBAX isabelle r. Perhaps this will get you started
    Public Function PropCaps(varLastName) As Variant
        'Purpose  : Proper capitalization of names with more than one Cap such as D'Angelo, O'Brein, McDonald.
        'Note: does not attempt names like MacDoogal. Too many exceptions with names starting with Mac.
        'DateTime : 5/05/2000
        'Author   : Bill Mosca
        Dim varOut As Variant
        Dim intPos As Integer
        If IsNull(varLastName) Then Exit Function
        intPos = InStr(1, varLastName, "MC", vbTextCompare)
        If intPos > 0 Then
            varOut = StrConv(Left(varLastName, 2), vbProperCase) _
                & StrConv(Mid(varLastName, 3), vbProperCase)
        End If
        'Various ancestry.
        intPos = InStr(varLastName, "'")
        If intPos > 0 Then
            varOut = StrConv(Left(varLastName, intPos), vbProperCase) _
                & StrConv(Mid(varLastName, intPos + 1), vbProperCase)
        End If
        PropCaps = varOut
    End Function
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    You could probably save a lot of time by selecting the Text and changing to 'Sentence Case' from the Font Section. You could do this with vba but even manually should save time.

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