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Thread: I see there's a new function in Excel

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    I see there's a new function in Excel

    Excel 365 beta channel has given us a look at three new functions "Regextest, Regexreplace, & Regexextract". As I understand it they are as follows:

    1. Regextest. Enables the User to test the validity of a String based on the pattern.

    Example. You require a User to enter a correct phrase in cell D14. In another cell say E14 you could write
    =RegexTest(D14, "Hello World", "world")
    Would result in "True" whereas "Whirled" would result in "False" because the pattern is incorrect.

    2. Regexextract. Enables the User to extract a substring from within a string.

    Example. You need to extract the email address from a larger string. In the string in cell C4 "You may contact us at for further information". You could use
    =RegexExtract(C4,"[\w.-] +@[\w.-]+\.\w+$")
    Which should result in

    3. RegexReplace. Enables the User to replace data with a mask (in an effort to say hide confidential data)

    Example. Just say you had a part number that you wish to have it remain confidential for what ever reason. This part number consisted of a 9 digit string resides in cell A5. You could construct your function like this
    =Regexreplace(A5,"\d{3}-\d{3}", "xxx-xxx")
    This results in the first 6 digits being replaced by x.

    Are there other usages that anyone could think of?
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