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Thread: Outlook VBA script is not running automatically

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    Outlook VBA script is not running automatically

    I have added below VBA script in my outlook modules to save the attachments when it comes to a specific email group with the specific subject line. However, it's not running automatically. I received the email attachment, but it does not save the attachment in my computer folder. When I click on manage Rules and Alerts in outlook and run it manually then only, it will save the attachments. I have set the Macro setting to "Enable all macros".
    Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!
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    - Gillian -

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    Hi gillianjack, welcome to the forum.

    Did you intend to post some VBA?

    Is this going to be a rule or automatic running of VBA?
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    To run this macro automatically you can consider the following factors:
    Create a rule in Outlook to run the macro when a new email arrives matching your criteria (sender, subject).
    Ensure the macro is enabled in Outlook's macro security settings.
    Test the rule by sending a test email.
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    You may need to manually enable the ability to Run a Script with an Outlook rule. You can find the instructions to do this here Run-a-Script Rules Missing in Outlook (

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