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Thread: Problem with VBA in Excel - following code giving me an error

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    Problem with VBA in Excel - following code giving me an error

    ' Get the filename from a specific cell, for example, cell A1
          CellValue = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FORM").Range("D14" & "-" & "E8").Value   (<--------THIS ONE)
    ' Combine folder path and cell value as the file name
        FileName = CellValue & ".xlsm"
    ' Combine folder path and file name
        FilePath = FilePath & FileName
    ' Save the active workbook with the specified file path
        ThisWorkbook.SaveAs FilePath
    This code is supposed to take two values from the excel spreadsheet and place them in the name of the newly saved file.
    I am getting an error from the code above where it says THIS ONE
    The file will be named NAME-20240612.xlsm
    Can anyone help... Thanks Adam

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    CellValue = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FORM").Range("D14").Value & "-" & ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FORM").Range("E8").Value
    With ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FORM")
      CellValue = .Range("D14").Value & "-" & .Range("E8").Value
    End With
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    Well that worked perfectly. I thought using the "ThisWorkbook...." twice would only pickup one value.
    You are awesome thank you so much!!!

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