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Thread: Calculate total length?

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    Calculate total length?

    I want to calculate total length (sum of all individual demission of lines) of lines present in current layer in AutoCAD using VBA.

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    Hi VB_IT,

    Welcome to VBA Express!!

    The below code will select all items in the active layer that are lines. Then it will get a sum of their lengths and display it in a message box.

    Function Aset(iSSetName As String) As AcadSelectionSet 
        Dim ssetA As AcadSelectionSet 
        On Error Resume Next 
        Set ssetA = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add(iSSetName) 
        If Err.Number <> 0 Then 
            Set ssetA = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets(iSSetName) 
            Set ssetA = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add(iSSetName) 
        End If 
        On Error GoTo 0 
        Set Aset = ssetA 
    End Function 
    Function GetItems() As AcadSelectionSet 
        Dim mTemp As AcadSelectionSet 
        Dim gpCode(3) As Integer 
        Dim dataValue(3) As Variant 
        Dim groupCode As Variant 
        Dim dataCode As Variant 
        gpCode(0) = -4 
        dataValue(0) = "<and" 
        gpCode(1) = 8 
        dataValue(1) = ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.Name 
        gpCode(2) = 0 
        dataValue(2) = "LINE" 
        gpCode(3) = -4 
        dataValue(3) = "and>" 
        Set mTemp = Aset("LINESUM") 
        groupCode = gpCode 
        dataCode = dataValue 
        a = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("EXTMIN") 
        b = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("EXTMAX") 
        mTemp.Select acSelectionSetAll, a, b, groupCode, dataCode 
        Set GetItems = mTemp 
    End Function 
    Sub GetSumofLinesInActiveLayer() 
        Dim LineCount As AcadSelectionSet, mCntr&, mTotalLength# 
        Set LineCount = GetItems 
        LineCount.Highlight True 
        For mCntr = 0 To LineCount.Count - 1 
            mTotalLength = mTotalLength + LineCount(mCntr).Length 
        MsgBox mTotalLength 
        LineCount.Highlight False 
        Set LineCount = Nothing 
        ThisDrawing.Regen acActiveViewport 
    End Sub 
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    Thank you Very much,

    It working fine in simple drawing
    But when I apply it on my actual complex drawing it give me wrong length (Program count of lines is larger then actual count!?)

    If you say I can send you my Actual Drawing.

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    I have acad 2000i.

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    just replace "LINE" with "LWPOLYLINE" in GetItems() function

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    There are several additional routines

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