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Thread: Tutorial for convert PPT to flash

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    Tutorial for convert PPT to flash

    I want to try to convert PowerPoint to flash and could not find a guide on here,So I did some research of my own.

    This is a worked for me,and I would like to share it with you.(hope this board to help others)

    I use the wondershare PPT2Flash Standard:

    DownloadPPT2Flash,Install it and Open Microsoft PowerPoint.(The software embed in powerpoint?s menu name?PPT2Flash? without single software icon. As follow:)

    Red area is this software?s whole content, feel dark look the absolute image as follow:

    PPT2Flash include ten part: Publish, Publish Settings, Publish Preview, Record Narration, Import Audio, Insert Flash, Register, Check update, Help, About PPT2Flash Standard.

    Part1. Publish:

    In this part, you can select the output type and naming display title and check output folder.
    If you want to get a web page with this flash,pitch on the ?Publish a web page(.html)? check box.

    Part2. Publish Settings:

    You can select the Conversion Mode and control the Playback speed, select the Slide?s FPS suit you and set up a password for you work.

    Part3. Publish Preview:
    Click this drop-down menu will open a new window to browse you setting result. (no interface)

    Part4. Record Narration:

    Append sound annotation for the appointed slide.

    Part5. Import Audio:

    Add background music for whole slide show or each slide as you pleasure.

    Part6. Insert Flash:

    You can make some dazzle flash for your logo, product or something other you want stand out insert here.

    Part7. Register: Feel free to register a member.

    Part8. Check update: If you have installed the old version ever, from here get the newest version to taste more feature.

    Part9. Help:

    Have any problem ask help or ask me
    User Guide: include even more particular describe than this guide.
    Forum: include PowerPoint F.A.Q, PPT to Flash Studio Related, PPT2DVD Related and Free PowerPoint Resource (Free PowerPoint template and Free PowerPoint Clip Art.).

    Part10. About PPT2Flash Standard: some relate information about this software.

    Ok, That's all you need to do! Enjoy your flash like presentation now!


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    Make a homepage flash banner with PowerPoint

    I made an attempt to create a homepage banner with Microsoft PowerPoint and a third party tool Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional.I will show you in details in this article.

    I think it?s hard to believe. But when I finished this work and publish it to web as a homepage successful, finally I believe. An idea to share it with all flash newbies and design fans pops up in my mind. That?s main reason for me to write this article.
    Let?s start to create our PowerPoint work as a homepage now. I believe, PowerPoint is able to work in companion with Flash in future.

    Ok, let?s begin our design tour. I will show you step by step. ^_^

    My showcase: sample.swf

    First, you must be sure that your PC has Microsoft PowerPoint installed. Launch the PowerPoint software. Setup it as follows:

    1. File -> Page Setup. (Set the width and height as you like; I?ve set it as the below screenshot.)

    Click ?ok? and the page will change as follows (The rudimental form of a banner appears.):

    2. Draw the loading rectangle by using a rectangle tool:

    Right click the rectangle -> Custom Animation -> Add Effect -> Entrance -> Wipe (other setups as follows)

    3. Insert football: Insert -> Picture -> From File -> Select a picture you want to insert
    Add effects to football (three animations: entrance | emphasis | exit):
    1) Right click the football -> Custom Animation -> Add Effect -> Entrance -> Fly in.
    2) Add Effect -> emphasis -> Spin.
    3) Add Effect -> exit -> Spiral out.

    4. Insert a text box and input the sentence ?Let's publicize world cup's energy together!? in it. Add effects to the text box (three animations: entrance | emphasis | exit):
    1) Right click the football -> Custom Animation -> Add Effect -> Entrance -> select one you want
    2) Add Effect -> emphasis -> select one you want
    3) Add Effect -> exit -> select one you want

    5. Insert the photos and add effects to photos (three animations: entrance | emphasis | exit)
    1) Right click the football -> Custom Animation -> Add Effect -> Entrance -> select one you want
    2) Add Effect -> emphasis -> select one you want
    3) Add Effect -> exit -> select one you want

    6. The final interface is as follows (please check your PowerPoint file):

    Ok, our PowerPoint banner is finished, but how to convert it to flash banner and to embed it to web?

    Yes, this tool ? Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional will take up the final work.
    Download from

    You have two options: PPT2Flash Standard Edition and PPT2Flash Professional Edition.
    After installation, you have two modes to operate this software:

    1)With the shortcut icon from your tabletop. Double click it.
    2)With the PPT2Flash?s plug-in mode, launch the Microsoft PowerPoint, it will show in the menu bar:

    Menu of PPT2Flash:

    You may Record Narration, Import Audio, Edit Audio, Insert Flash, Add Attachments, select Templates to your flash.

    Ok, that?s all. I really hope you understand what I have written in this article.
    Writing a tutorial isn?t a comfortable job. Does it suit you? Useful for you?
    Is this article excellent or not? I am not sure. But I wrote it with my heart, really.


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