Ok.... Our office just upgraded to Office2003 recently and I've been reading a lot about smart docs, but it seems you need to be a rocket scientist in order to use this wonderful feature!

Do you really have to have access to Visual Studio or can you make your own schema files in notepad and just hope for the best? I am not really a programmer, I know a little VBA (just enough to solve most of my questions) but this seems so technical I really can't see how Microsoft claims it's for the general public. How can a normal "power-user" use Smart Docs?

Specifically, here's what I want to do:

Companies often require a "Working Group List" which is basically an address/phone list of all companies involved in a project. I would like to take Outlook data to populate the data from my own company, and then take Excel data to populate the data for other companies for the list. Does this sound like it would be perfect for a Smart Doc, or am I expecting too much?