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    Question Formatting & Custom Toolbar

    In my search to find examples of code in Excel worksheets I have run across one that has me completely stumped. Normally I can figure out how things were done but not this time.

    First off, I cannot seem to figure out how the new toolbar was created. Once it exists I understand how to dock it and show it etc ... but there does not seem to be any code I can locate that actually creates it.

    Also in that spreadsheet on the Nav worksheet there is a header that remains on top constantly. How did he do that?

    Sigh ... Excel is a really neat program but everytime I turn around I run into something that completely befuddles me. Maybe I'm blown away by all of this right now because I just went through 2 hurricanes and the season isn't half over. I guess I'm just fuddled.


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    Hi Ken,

    Mr. Blood doesn't create the menu with code, he manually created it. Do so by right clicking any blank area on a menu bar, select Customize. On the Commands tab, scroll down the left side and select New Menu. Then on the right side, click and drag that New Menu (shaded grey by default) to any menu bar. Do so with toolbars the same.

    As for any headers not moving, it didn't come that way with my download. But to freeze a set of rows and not have them move at all, say the top three rows, select the entire row of row 4. Do this by left clicking the '4' on the row headings, or select any cell in row 4 and press Shift + Spacebar (shortcut key). Then go to the Window menu, select Freeze Panes. You can do this with columns also. Play around with it.

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    The toolbar was created manually and attached to the workbook. So it is saved with the workbook.

    The panes are frozen so it looks like there is a header. Window | Freeze Panes

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    Thanks guys. I follow the freezing panes now ... simple enough.

    OK ... I played around with the toolbar customization stuff and figured out how the button is linked to a macro. That's a pretty slick trick.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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