Getting absolute file paths from files draged and dropped onto a control
Inserts Table of Contents into RTF of an Access documenter source code report
Search for string in SQL statements
Create Individual Reports Based On The Value Of A Given Field In A Related Table
Print a Query in Excel
Start Up Splash Screen
Form based Web Viewer
Open Specific Excel File
Rounding Functions (nearest decimal / nearest multiple)
Round up a value using the Integer or Round function.
Disabling Mouse Scroll wheel from advancing database entries
Save Report as PDF File
Log in form
Modify an entered date to the following business day
Convert a number to text. Originally developed by Legare Coleman.
Capture the name and description of database objects
Add Interactivity to a Close Application Command Button
Run a .wav file when a button is clicked
Force Dates to Fall on Friday or Monday
Custom Cursors
List all Tables and Fields in an Excel spreadsheet
Hiding Access Background and Taskbar
Access domain aggregate functions for geometric, harmonic, and quadratic means
Stop mouse wheel on form
Create current daily backup of linked data files
Change Font on Reports as Specified