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Converts Onedrive URL to local file path and writes Filename and Path values to a worksheet 


Attempting to read the file path info of a file stored on the Onedrive directory will return a URL, and not a local file path. MS does not provide the means to retrieve the local File path, so the URL must be converted if this is desired. This required that registry keys be read if an application is to work reliably. 


instructions for use


Sub GetFile() ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- ' Procedure Name: GetFile ' Purpose: Update Path to VKS Stand Model workbook ' Procedure Kind: Sub ' Procedure Access: Public ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dim myObject As Object Dim fileSelected As String Dim myPath As String Dim myFile As String Dim strLen As Integer Set myObject = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen) myPath = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Admin").Range("B7").Value myPath = GetDefaultLocation(myPath) ' Get user file selection With myObject .Title = "Choose File" .InitialFileName = myPath & "" .AllowMultiSelect = False If .Show <> -1 Then MsgBox ("No File Selected") Exit Sub End If fileSelected = .SelectedItems(1) End With 'check/convert onedrive path to local file path fileSelected = GetLocalPath(fileSelected) 'Split into name and path strLen = Len(fileSelected) - InStrRev(fileSelected, "") myFile = Right(fileSelected, strLen) strLen = Len(fileSelected) - strLen - 1 myPath = Left(fileSelected, strLen) 'Update values With Worksheets("Admin") .Range("B7") = myPath 'The file path .Range("B10") = myFile 'The file name End With End Sub Public Function RegKeyRead(i_RegKey As String) As String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- ' Procedure Name: RegKeyRead ' Purpose: Read registry keys related to OneDrive ' Procedure Kind: Function ' Procedure Access: Public ' Parameter i_RegKey (String): Pass Reg Key to be read ' Return Type: String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dim myWS As Object On Error Resume Next 'access Windows scripting Set myWS = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 'read key from registry RegKeyRead = myWS.RegRead(i_RegKey) End Function Private Function GetLocalPath(docPath As String) As String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- ' Procedure Name: GetLocalPath ' Purpose: Convert OneDrive URL to local file path ' Procedure Kind: Function ' Procedure Access: Private ' Parameter docPath (String): Pass URL String ' Calls: RegKeyRead (ReadRegKeys module) ' Return Type: String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- Const strcOneDrivePart As String = "https://d.docs.live.net/" Dim strRetVal As String, bytSlashPos As Byte strRetVal = docPath & "" If Left(LCase(docPath), Len(strcOneDrivePart)) = strcOneDrivePart Then 'yep, it's the OneDrive path 'locate and remove the "remote part" bytSlashPos = InStr(Len(strcOneDrivePart) + 1, strRetVal, "/") strRetVal = Mid(docPath, bytSlashPos) 'read the "local part" from the registry and concatenate strRetVal = RegKeyRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USEREnvironmentOneDrive") & strRetVal strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "/", "") 'slashes in the right direction strRetVal = Replace(strRetVal, "%20", " ") 'a space is a space once more End If GetLocalPath = strRetVal End Function Function GetDefaultLocation(ByVal myString As String) As String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- ' Procedure Name: GetDefaultLocation ' Purpose: Check and return a valid default file location to 'GetPath' ' Procedure Kind: Function ' Procedure Access: Public ' Parameter myString (String): Pass Existing default path for testing ' Return Type: String ' ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dim folderExists As Boolean On Error Resume Next folderExists = (GetAttr(myString) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory On Error GoTo 0 If folderExists Then GetDefaultLocation = myString Else GetDefaultLocation = Application.ThisWorkbook.Path End If End Function

How to use:

  1. Paste Code into a module
  2. Edit 'GetFile' as required (code is set to return file name and path to worksheet cells)

Test the code:

  1. set breakpoint after 'check/convert onedrive path to local file path (Sub GetfilePath) as F8 fails to operate after the FileDialogue operation (code runs to end)

Sample File:

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