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Jacob Hilderbrand


This macro will save each seperate document from a mail merge. 


You have a mail merge to email or print a lot of letters, but you want to save each individual one. This macro will save each document from the mail merge for you. 


instructions for use


Option Explicit Sub AllSectionsToSubDoc() Dim x As Long Dim Sections As Long Dim Doc As Document Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Set Doc = ActiveDocument Sections = Doc.Sections.Count For x = Sections - 1 To 1 Step -1 Doc.Sections(x).Range.Copy Documents.Add ActiveDocument.Range.Paste ActiveDocument.SaveAs (Doc.Path & "\" & x & ".doc") ActiveDocument.Close False Next x Application.ScreenUpdating = True Application.DisplayAlerts = True End Sub

How to use:

  1. Copy the code above.
  2. Open Word.
  3. Alt + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor.
  4. Insert-Module.
  5. Paste the code there.
  6. Close the VBE (Alt + Q or press the X in the top-right corner).

Test the code:

  1. Create a Mail Merge document with more than one data record.
  2. Tools | Macro | Macros, and double-click AllSectionsToSubDoc.

Sample File:

Mail Merge.zip 5.21KB 

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