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This will copy rows to a new sheet based on 2 selections in a validation list. 


You wish to filter data according to a selection of projects and packages where sometimes the project has more than one package but you wish to filter by project and package. 


instructions for use


Put this In a standard module: Option Explicit Sub Advanced_Filter() 'select the range to filter based on selection in the range F1:G2 'and copy to the sheet named "Print" Range("A4:K30").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, CriteriaRange:=Range( _ "F1:G2"), CopyToRange:=Range("Print!A3"), Unique:=False Sheets("Print").Select Range("A1").Select End Sub

How to use:

  1. Open the Visual Basic Editor by going to tools-Macro's-Visual Basic Editor or use Alt-F11
  2. On the toolbar of the Visual Basic Editor, go to insert - module
  3. In the module pane paste the code above.
  4. Close the Visual Basic Editor By clicking the X in the upper right corner or go to File-Close
  5. Set up your validation list and make it the same as the code.(you don't have to use a validation list, you can just type in the project and package)

Test the code:

  1. Select The project and package you wish to filter out.
  2. Run the macro by going to Toos-Macro's-Macro and select the Advanced_Filter macro
  3. Click on run.
  4. Your selection will be filtered and copied to the sheet "Print"
  5. You can now copy that sheet to a new location and rename it or print it.

Sample File:

filter_and_copy.zip 12.87KB 

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