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This module captures the name and description of all tables, queries, forms and reports in your database, and writes them to a "documenter" table. 


This code can be used in any database (has not been tested for earlier versions) to document the objects and the descriptions that have been assigned. The data is written to a table, so it would be very simple to create a report based on this data or to export the data if required. 


instructions for use


Option Compare Database Option Explicit Sub DocumentAll() '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ' Purpose: Writes object type, name and description of all database ' tables, queries, forms and reports to the table "tbl_Documenter" ' ' Assumptions: Existence of table "tbl_Documenter" '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dim db As DAO.Database ' database Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef ' all tables Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef ' all queries Dim doc As DAO.Document ' all forms/reports Dim rec As DAO.Recordset ' table to write descriptions Dim prp As Property ' object property Dim strSQL As String ' clear existing documenter table Dim bytType As Byte ' type of object On Error GoTo ErrHandler ' clear existing documented structure strSQL = "DELETE * " & _ "FROM tbl_Documenter" DoCmd.SetWarnings False DoCmd.RunSQL strSQL DoCmd.SetWarnings True ' capture all database objects Set db = CurrentDb Set rec = db.OpenRecordset("tbl_Documenter", dbOpenDynaset) ' tables bytType = 1 For Each tdf In db.TableDefs ' exclude system tables If LCase(Left(tdf.Name, 4)) <> "msys" And _ tdf.Name <> "tbl_Documenter" Then With rec .AddNew !txt_Doc_ObjectType = "Table" !txt_Doc_Name = tdf.Name !txt_Doc_Description = tdf.Properties("Description") .Update End With End If Next tdf ' queries bytType = 2 For Each qdf In db.QueryDefs ' exclude system queries If LCase(Left(qdf.Name, 1)) <> "~" Then With rec .AddNew !txt_Doc_ObjectType = "Query" !txt_Doc_Name = qdf.Name !txt_Doc_Description = qdf.Properties("Description") .Update End With End If Next qdf ' forms bytType = 3 With db.Containers!Forms For Each doc In .Documents With rec .AddNew !txt_Doc_ObjectType = "Form" !txt_Doc_Name = doc.Name !txt_Doc_Description = doc.Properties("Description") .Update End With Next doc End With ' reports bytType = 4 With db.Containers!Reports For Each doc In .Documents With rec .AddNew !txt_Doc_ObjectType = "Report" !txt_Doc_Name = doc.Name !txt_Doc_Description = doc.Properties("Description") .Update End With Next doc End With ExitHere: On Error Resume Next qdf.Close rec.Close db.Close Set tdf = Nothing Set qdf = Nothing Set doc = Nothing Set prp = Nothing Set rec = Nothing Set db = Nothing Close #1 Exit Sub ErrHandler: If Err.Number = 3270 Then ' property not found - need to create Select Case bytType Case 1 ' table Set prp = tdf.CreateProperty("Description", dbText) prp.Value = "No Description Set" tdf.Properties.Append prp Case 2 ' query Set prp = qdf.CreateProperty("Description", dbText) prp.Value = "No Description Set" qdf.Properties.Append prp Case 3, 4 ' form/report Set prp = doc.CreateProperty("Description", dbText) prp.Value = "No Description Set" doc.Properties.Append prp End Select Err.Clear Resume Else MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description Resume ExitHere End If End Sub

How to use:

  1. Open an existing database
  2. Insert a new module
  3. Copy and paste the code above into your module
  4. Save and close the module
  5. Import the table "tbl_Documenter" from the attached sample into your database - the object names and descriptions will be written to this table
  6. Attach the code to an object (such as a button on a form) or run the code directly from the module

Test the code:

  1. Open the module you have just created
  2. Move anywhere within the "DocumentAll" procedure
  3. Press [F5] to run the procedure
  4. Open the table "tbl_Documenter" to display the results

Sample File: 29.75KB 

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