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Dennis Taylor presents MS Excel Pivot Tables

Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Tables Webinar

Part One

Dennis Taylor  

Coming on August 22nd, 2014, 2pm-3pm EST

See the recording of the webinar

Excel 2013 Pivot Tables Webinar - Part One:
Join us for an hour-long webinar covering Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables. This webinar gives you dozens of techniques and tips to get the most out of Excel’s most powerful analytical tool.

  • Learn how to summarize volu-minous data into concise tables that reveal the relationship between multiple data categories
  • Consolidate data from multiple worksheets and workbooks; group data by date/time measures; create ad hoc groupings as needed
  • use Slicers to filter results interactively and create calculated fields for additional summary information
  • use Conditional Formatting with PivotTables to highlight data with special emphasis
  • Learning to use PivotTables gives you creative opportunities for unparalleled data analysis
Dennis Taylor is a master when it comes to Excel training. Once you attend part one you will have a strong desire to attend part two.

Excel users who need to analyze database-like data can only go so far with sorting, filtering, and inserting subtotals. They need ways to create multiple totals in columns and rows and have the capability to interchange these fields, add other fields, sort results without using lengthy command sequences and creating complicated formulas. Attendees will see how a PivotTable gives them all of these capabilities plus dozens more display and manipulation features. Learn this and more.

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