View Full Version : Apology

04-28-2006, 12:29 AM
I'm sorry:blush

I've just read the announcement about "cross-posters".

I'm one. (Well, I was one)

I've been looking for an answer to my specific problem for about 1? month now, and could not find a direct answer anywhere. So I "cross-posted" (2 fora).

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance anyone may have had or felt.
It will not happen again.

Kind regards

Jacob Hilderbrand
04-28-2006, 07:00 AM
Cross posting is really not a problem so long as everyone knows that there is another post. If you feel that you need to use multiple sites because your question is difficult or you need a quick response, go ahead an post it to multiple sites, but also include a link in each of those posts to all the other posts.

That way we can check the other post to see if there is an answer / progress already.