Can anyone help me understand what might be going on with a Mac I am being asked about?

The user has a Mac with OSX on it. He has a printer and scanner he needs to connect to it. He has successfully connected his digital camera to the computer. The local consultant he went to downloaded some drivers from the internet and now the icons for the printer and scanner just "jump up and down and that is what the guy said they might do".

Obviously my PC based knowledge has taken me as far as it can, or I wouldn't be begging for ideas on what to do next. The user is 1500 miles from me, but has known me for years and relies on me to "fix" anything he can't do himself.

If you need any more specific information as to the make and model of the peripherals or what is/isn't on his Mac, let me know and I'll happily ask.

I would direct him to a good forum for 10 thumbed Mac users if one exists. He really could use the advice of someone more in touch than I am.