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Thread: Modifying a "Right Click" Drop Down Menu

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    Question Modifying a "Right Click" Drop Down Menu

    I know I've seen how to do this somewhere, but I can't find it. When I am in Windows Explorer, and I want to delete a file, I tend to right click on the file, which produces a menu of things I can do with that file. On my computer, the "delete" option is 14 items down from the top. I would very much like to move the "delete" option closer to the top of the list. How do I do that?

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    VBAX Master Killian's Avatar
    Nov 2004
    I don't know how straight forward this would be. The additional shortcuts on the right click for explorer are held in the following reg keys:
    You can get rid of some of the clutter that way, but "Delete" is part of the built in functionality of Explorer and is unlikely to be held as a key value in the registry (at least directly).
    Maybe you saw this as part of a Windows tweaking/power tools type utility.
    That's a possibility. It's the sort of thing they might do - although I don't tend to use them. I've found the best way to improve windows is to get rid of the parts I don't need rather than add new stuff :-)

    So it's here too, I'm afraid.

    I suppose I should mention the importance of backing up your registry before you start hacking great lumps out of it. !!!Especially in the CLASSES_ROOT section!!!
    K :-)

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