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Thread: Access Data Base - Input new Row at top or Bottom ? Whats going on??

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    Access Data Base - Input new Row at top or Bottom ? Whats going on??

    I am doing some .net programming using a simple Access database. I do not know much about Access but here's whats happening. I have a database table used as a counter, that is in cell 1 row 1 it starts out as 200 then my .net program executes and does its thing reads in the 200 and adds a 1 to it uses 201 and then stores a new row as 201 (at the bottom) the program reads the bottom row and the new write to the database table say 202 goes at the bottom, and all is good. After testing I delete all the new rows added and I am back at 200, But now the input is at the top so 201 is at the top and 200 is at the bottom?? Why? How do I fix that so all new input is at or inserted at the bottom record where my program is reading??

    Thanks for any help on this!

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    Rob, ideally you should use a query, which can be set to Sort the Records in Descending Order, so that the last record is always the highest value.
    Records are always appended as the last row in a table, but the table may not be displaying them correctly, you can set the Table to sort descending, but I prefer a query to do it.
    In a query you can also use the Grouping & Max function to just return one record which is always the highest value.

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    Great thanks for the tips! I will look into first setting up the table to do that then look into a sort query.
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