i have a question about a certain problem with my word form.

The restricted form contains several FormFields which are to be edited by the user.
Some of these FormFields trigger macros to open certain UserForms once the user clicks into the field.
The problem is, if a user does not click into one of those fields, but in a restricted area in front of such a macro field,
then the cursor jumps into the FormField which is supposed to trigger a macro, but it doesn't trigger.
I hope i do make sense here

I have read that there is an event in word vba called WindowSelectionChange.
Until now i wasn't able to make any sense of how i could use this event in this particular situation.
From my understanding, this event would trigger every time the selection changes in the document, or if text gets selected.
But i am not sure how to implement this into my form.

Does anyone have some experience with this kind of event and is able to tell me if it could solve this problem with the cursor jumping into FormFields without triggering macros?
I guess this event, when triggered, would check if the cursor landed in a FormField with an on entry macro and trigger it.
If the Field does not contain a macro it would just let the cursor enter the field.
Is something like this possible?