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Thread: Word VBA ignoring grammar errors

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    Word VBA ignoring grammar errors

    I have a group of transcribers when typing will often run into a situation as follows:

    THE COURT: (Interposing) blah blah blah blah

    There is a blue line between ':' and '(' indicating a grammatical error has occurred.

    In word 2016 it doesn't allow you to 'ignore all' for grammar errors (unless I'm missing the setting somewhere). What I am thinking is to just create a macro in which they run the macro and it will go through the document and any occurrence of this particular phrase it will ignore it. These can occur upwards to 100 times in a single transcript causing the grammar check that they do at the end of their document to be tedious and long having to click ignore 100 times for the same error.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Is this the setting you were looking for?

    Via Options


    Via macro

    Sub Macro2()
        Options.CheckGrammarAsYouType = False
    End Sub


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    Not quite. Basically at the end of the document they want to run their spell check and grammar check. They don't want any of it hidden. It's just that this particular occurrence of the word (Interposing) appears hundreds of times and they're forced to hit ignore, ignore, ignore for each of them. I want to search for every instance of the phrase and ignore it as being a grammatical error. Just like if you were to right click on a grammar or spelling error it gives you options to change it or ignore it. That way they can run that macro first so it'll ignore all those occurrences, and then they can run their grammar check without that interfering anymore.

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    I didn't know that until I found this post. Thank you for sharing this. I had to revise my English skills and even do some character analysis worksheet thinking that it would help me understand the issue with that error. As it seems it wasn't really a grammatical issue by my side and I'm glad. My English was never that great to start with and I have tried a lot to get to where I stand now in terms of how I speak and write. Luckily I found a few great resources to help me with that. I remember how back in the day I couldn't even spell basic words correctly.

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